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Get to the Point – Effective Communication

By Lawrence McGlown
March 6, 2013

This article (see link below) focuses on brand names, and how straightforward communication can give brands an edge. The perspective can extend to messaging as a whole. Consider the following:

  • The recipient is only going to allow so much information before their processing wheels begin turning.
  • Unfortunately, many communicators ignore this reality, and thus overwhelm their target.
  • Amidst a barrage, it becomes difficult for the recipient to understand what they are being asked to believe and net of that belief, do.

To stand out, just get to the point.


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The McGlown Group helps organizations translate business strategy into messaging tools that clarify what to do as an employee, and what to expect as a customer. The deliverables drive alignment between employee and customer beliefs, while pinpointing when the customer promise is, or is not, made real – and what to do about it.