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Three Ways to Ensure an Enjoyable Career

June, 1 2012

Careers can be challenging. They can be frustrating. Taxing –mentally and physically. For many, careers are not enjoyed because they become second fiddle to the wants and needs of the employing organization. These types of situations are fraught with bad energy that drags down the individual and their organization.

Over the years, I’ve developed three behaviors that have made work fun. By adopting these behaviors, you will attain more career enjoyment, and in the process, be a purposeful value creator for your organization.

Behavior #1 – Insatiable Appetite

We excel in areas where our desire is naturally insatiable. The key is to be open to new flavors. For example, I attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business to deep dive on brand and marketing. I graduated with a minor in Organizational Behavior.

The spark for the organizational behavior deep dive was an internship with Kraft Foods—my post grad launching pad. Over the course of that summer, I learned that success was achieved through a combination of Applied Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. The latter opened up a whole new world of discovery that has shaped my approach in the workplace.

Recco #1

To find your insatiable appetite, reflect on your workplace experiences. Write down recollections about moments where you were relentless in your work. Within those moments lies a common thread of tenacity that will serve you well.

Behavior #2 – Focus

Focus requires commitment to an ideal. An ideal is the purpose-driven soul that burns from within, and ignites your “get it done” engine. When responsibilities are aligned with your ideal, you emanate – similar to Neo orchestrating outcomes.

Your ideal has to be big!!! It has to have social roots.

Trade is a driving force of evolution. As such, I believe the world is more fun when accurate beliefs are shared between employees and their customers. Such communities cultivate genuine dialogue, spark innovation and make possibilities boundless. For these reasons, I am committed to developing deep knowledge of brand, marketing and the people who use these disciplines to create meaning.

So my ideal is: Distinguish brands with employee beliefs that delight customers.

Armed with a big ideal, the positioning of The McGlown Group is simple, meaningful and easily personalized – Brand Alignment. Inside & Out.

Recco #1

To achieve workplace focus, ask, "What do people do with the things I do?" Then ask, "When and why do I fail to deliver these outcomes consistently?" The answers will make it easier to focus by clarifying your purpose and the requirements to stay the course.

Behavior #3 – Patience

If you lack patience you will not realize your full potential. I’ve managed, reported to and collaborated with many who have been absorbed by their next promotion, a loftier job title and/or more money. If either of these is a primary motivator, you’ll be hard pressed to tap into your true strengths. Particularly money ‐ you’ll never make enough.

Victory is achieved by embracing the rules of the game –work. What you know is at most 10% of the game. Conversely, how you use your knowledge to create value for others, that's the 90% most people miss.

I've learned to find patience through application. Once you develop applied expertise, you have something to share, and can do so genuinely, effortlessly, naturally. It’s fun to work with people who possess this level of clarity. They are our "go-to" for making things happen.

Recco #3
To become more patient, be relentless in finding as many opportunities as you can to apply your knowledge of a discipline. Along the way, schedule time to reflect on what worked according to plan, and what did not. This type of introspective recall will shift your beliefs of what to do, when to do it and how. If you have not noticed, there is a common thread to these three behaviors. People. This is intentional due to the fact that businesses are built for and by people. So in the end, an enjoyable career is attained when we become aligned with the people who enable and attain the beautiful outcomes of a brand.


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The McGlown Group helps organizations translate business strategy into messaging tools that clarify what to do as an employee, and what to expect as a customer. The deliverables drive alignment between employee and customer beliefs, while pinpointing when the customer promise is, or is not, made real – and what to do about it.